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Shanghai Rifeng Industrial Co., Ltd.

About Us
Rifeng Industrial Co., Ltd. was founded in 1993 and is located within the Yangtze River Delta Economic Zone, to the south of Hangzhou Bay. This prime location gives us a tremendous advantage in terms of logistics and transportation.

We are a professional plastic pipe supplier that integrates R&D, design, manufacture, and sales. Our production base is located in Shanghai Jinshan Industrial Park, covering an area of more than 40,000 square meters.

Our specialized workforce and qualified managers have helped Rifeng earn an extraordinary reputation in China’s pipe industry.

Throughout our entire history, we have earned a large number of achievements. The SEEFINE brand products series was authorized as “New World Harmony City Appointed Product”. Our company was named "Outstanding Enterprise for Promoting Green and Low Carbon Manufacturing" by ECOSOC and FOTUN. We were also invited to exhibit our products in the Chinese Private Enterprise Pavilion of the Expo 2010 Shanghai China. Our brand, SEEFINE, is rated as one of the Top 10 Influential Brands in China’s pipe industry.

Production and Testing
We have over 20 years of experience in producing various types of plastic pipes. All of our pipes are made from environmentally friendly raw materials with sophisticated technology. Their quality is highly guaranteed.

Our advanced production equipment and automatic production line can meet the individual needs of our customers.

Seefine has established a distinctive management control system and passed the ISO 9001:2008 certification. We have introduced many advanced test instruments, including the charpy impact testing machine, the heat distortion temperature Vicat softening point tester, the melt flow rate tester, the hydrostatic pressure testing machine, and the universal testing machine. All our manufactured products have undergone raw material testing, online testing, and finished product testing.

Seefine is committed to producing high-quality PP-R, PVC-U, PE, PE-RT, and PE-X pipes. Available in a complete range of specifications, our pipes feature environmental friendliness, easy installation, and long service life. They are widely used in many fields, such as hot and cold water piping system, industrial water and chemical transport, pure water and drinking water pipeline, beverage and drug conveying system, urban water supply and natural gas or coal gas transmission, water heating system, etc.

Marketing Network
Seefine has built a professional marketing management team and after-sales service support system. We have set up offices or sales branches and invited franchised dealers, in a total of more than 5,000, in over 200 cities across China. Our pipes have been exported to Europe, America, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

We offer users 55-year worry-free service. Within this service period, we will provide replacement if the pipe has any quality problems.

Company Details

Main Market


Business Type




Brands : Seefine;OEM;ODM

No. of Employees : 200~500

Annual Sales : 45,000,000-50,000,000

Year Established : 1993

Export p.c : 50% - 60%

Company History

Development History



Rifeng Industrial Co. Ltd. Was established in Shanghai with registered capital of USD $600,000 and started the production of pipes and sanitary products.



Our company passed the ISO9001:2008 quality management certification. Proof that we has made great progress in standardized production.



The brand “Seefine” was officially launched.



Company Service



As a professional plastic pipe and fittings manufacturer. Seefine offers customers the best products and services based on our excellent talents, advanced technologies as well as complete service system.

Here are what we can do


Our company offers technical supports about the pipes and fittings we produce, including technical problem solving, construction and installation guidance, material budget, etc.


We process all kinds of affairs related to customers such as customer complaints and consultation, customer satisfaction survey and the handling of accidents caused by the quality problem of our plastic pipes or fittings.

Seefine will trace our product quality and collect feedback information from customers.


Strict Quality Control of Production

We have specialized testing team to carry out raw material test and finished products test. The materials will be inspected by independent QC at any step from material stocking To products delivering.


Response Time

24 hours will be fed back upon customer request received.

Sample time 1-7 days


Lead Time

30-40 days for initial orders upon orders received, and 20-30 days for repeat orders.



Raw Materials All Imported from Europe and South Korea

Seefine pipes and fittings are produced with raw materials all imported from Europe to ensure our pipes and fittings are non-toxic, eco-friendly and in conformity with the international safety standard.


German M&M-TEC production technology and Standard

We employ M7M-TEC production technology originating in Germany in the production process of our pipes. We also employ German experts to act add out technical and quality consultants to strictly control the quality of our products. By virtue of advanced production technology and strict quality control, we offer reliable water pipes with fine workmanship, good pressure resistance and cracking resistance.


Durable/Transporting Healthy Water for 50 years

Our plastic PPR pipe has a lifespan of over 50 years when operating under normal conditions. It is corrosion resistance, anti-scale, anti-rust and antibacterial.


Pressure Withstanding and Cracking Resistance

Tested by the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the designed working pressure of Seefine PPR pipe is up to 2.5 Mpa.



Company Team

1. Production: 200  More than 20 years of experience, most of them have rich experience into plastic pipes and fittings.


2. Sales:15  Most of them have more than 8 years of sales experience in the industry, and they have an insight into plastic pipe and fittings with professional vision


3. Technician/R&D: 8 Most of them have more than 5 years of sampling, research and development experience In the industry. They know what should be done carefully and how to avoid mistakes been presented during the products produced and the samples made.


4. QC: 20  Most of them have more than 15 Years of QC experience in the industry, And they can foresee what issues would be happened during the producing and they will implement action to prevent them advance.


6: PMC :6  Most of them have more than 10 years of products producing arrangement experience, They know specialized knowledge very well, And their practice is in thelead of the industry.


7: Producing Management: 10  Most of them have more than 10 years of experience in the plastic pipe Industry. Their management level is advanced in the same industry, They are organized to attend training frequently.



Typical Coopera

Typical Cooperation Cases


Comprehensive Business District


Hefei Wanda Plaza of Wanda Group Cooperation Project

Founded in 1988, Wanda Group focuses on the business scope of commercial real estate, high-grade hotel, culture activity and chain department store. With assets of 100 billion CNY, Wanda Group has invested in many projects in over 50 cities around China.

Hefei Wanda Plaza is located in the center of Hefei City. Its planed lad area is 11.07 hectares and its gross floor area is 703.5 thousand square meters. As a professional pipe system supplier, Seefine cooperate with Wanda Group in 2009 and offered Hefei Wanda Plaza 70,000 meters of PPR, PVC and PE pips used as its water supply & drainage pipes and floor heating pipes.


Residential Building


Vanke Garden City Cooperation Project

Founded in May 1984 and headquartered in Shenzhen, Vanke specialized in residential real estate development in China at present.

The Vanke Garden City residential project is located in the bustling Wujing Town, Xuhui District of Shanghai. The gross floor area of Vanke Garden City project is 240,000㎡. As a professional water pipe supplier, Seefine cooperated with Vanke in 2008. The drainage pipe system of Vanke Garden City is made up of PPR, PVC and PE water pipes provided by our company. We offered Vanke Garden City about 120,000m pipes in total.




Shanxi University Cooperation Project

Located in Taiyuan City, the capital city of Shanxi Province, China, Shanxi University has long history and profound cultural accumulation. It covers an area of 2066 mu(about 1,377,333㎡) with floor area of 987,000㎡.

In 2010, a professional pipe manufacturer, Seefine participated in the plumbing engineering of Shanxi University and provided it with PPR,PVC and PERT water pipes which were about 140,000m long in total.




Pipe Application in Airport

The aetr supply and drainage pipes in Hefei Xinqiao professional pipe system supplier. Seefine cooperated with China Eastern Airlines provided about 110,000m PPR and PVC pipes for Hefei Xinqiao international Airport to be used as water supply and drainage pipes.




Pipe Application in Hospital

The First People’s Hospital of Taicang is a general hospital integrating medical treatment, teaching, researching, disease prevention and health care.

The hospital used about 47,000m Seefine PPR, PVC and PE water pipes to build its water supply and drainage pipe system.




Xiamen Yinlu Group Co. Ltd. Is located in the Yinlu High-tech Park, which is one of the earliest high-tech parks for township enterprise.

As a trustworthy pipe and pipe fittings manufacturer, Seefine cooperated with Yinlu in 2010. The water supply and drainage pipes in the production base of Yinlu were PPR and PVC pipes provided by our company. We totally offered it about 190,000m-long pipes.


In 2002, Shanghai Motel Hotel Management Co., Ltd. Was set up and the budget hotel brand “Motel 168”.

Shanghai Motel Hotel Management Co., Ltd. has been cooperating with Seefine since 2009 and it purchases more than 250,000m PPR, PVC and PE water pipes from our company every year.


Address: No.80, Tiangong Road, Jinshan Industrial Park, Shanghai, China

Factory Address:No.80, Tiangong Road, Jinshan Industrial Park, Shanghai, China